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Christmas Nails

This year I did three Christmas Designs, 1 simple and 2 more difficult.

I did santa suit nails, holly nails and green and red glitter tips.

For more pictures and info and the polishes I used go here 

~ Beth :)

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Hey Guys..

For anyone who follows this blog, I thought I should let you know I’m starting to upload all my nail designs (new and old) onto my blogspot. ( I’m going to keep this blog though, it wont be deleted but I may only occasionally update it. 

I decided to move to blogspot, because apart from nail art, I also like DIY, shopping hauls, makeup and special events (like manifest or meeting Michelle Phan) and I wanted to post these all on the same site. I didn’t feel as though tumblr could provide the type of website I wanted to create with pages and views and blogspot just felt more professional and easier to use.

So that’s why I’ve moved to blogspot!

You’re welcome to leave your website url for me :)

- Beth :)


Psy - Gangnam Style Nails :D

Really proud of this! 

Sparkly Lilac Nails

blog post :)

Galaxy Nails

Tutorial :)